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Heat Pump Repair Services by ZAP Cooling & Heating

Specialized Repairs for Unique Design.

Heat pumps are HVAC systems that require service from technicians that are experienced with their unique makeup. Luckily, the experts at Zap Cooling & Heating are well-versed in heat pump repair, maintenance, and installation services.

An energy-efficient alternative to air conditioners and furnaces, heat pumps use a reverse valve to transfer heat from one area to another. By doing this, it can cool the air in your home during the summer and warm it in the winter. When the process is disrupted by a faulty part, it can stop moving heat in the proper direction or even stop working altogether. Regardless of the season, a broken HVAC system is a major inconvenience, so it is important to have a repair service that can confidently resolve issues in any system.

Common Heat Pump Systems Problems

Insufficient Air Flow

Poor air flow in a heat pump system can reduce its efficiency and cause it to overheat, leading to failures or breakdowns.

Low Refrigerant Levels

A loss of refrigerant in the system can mean that the heat pump is unable to absorb enough heat from the outside environment and transfer it into the home.

Noisy Operation

Excessive noise from a heat pump can be caused by loose parts or wear-and-tear on moving components.

Inaccurate Thermostat

A malfunctioning or inaccurate thermostat can lead to an inefficiently operating heat pump, resulting in uneven temperatures throughout the home.

Clogged Air Filter

If a heat pump’s air filter becomes clogged, it can restrict airflow and cause the system to overheat.

Faulty Wiring

An improperly wired heat pump can lead to electrical problems that could damage system parts or create safety issues.

Improperly sized unit

If a heat pump is too small for the space it is trying to heat, it won’t be able to keep up with demand. This can put a strain on the system that makes it more susceptible to malfunctions.

ZAP has the tools and the talent to repair heat pump.

No matter the issue, Zap Cooling & Heating’s technicians have what it takes to get your heat pump operating again. Contact us today to schedule a service call, or to learn more information about our other HVAC maintenance and repair services.

Is Your Heat Pump Getting Long in the Tooth?

The best way you can avoid a costly heat pump repair is to make sure your HVAC system is properly maintained at least twice a year by a professional technician. ZAP's HVAC maintenance team knows what to look for to keep your heat pump system running (especially cool in the summer, and warm in the winter) for the long haul. When it's time to replace your unit, we'll be able to provide you with a brand new system with efficiencies your previous system could only dream of. For more information about our HVAC maintenance services, free estimates on your furnace repair costs, and more, contact us today!
In Addition To The Common Problems That Can Occur in a Heat Pump System...
It is important to keep in mind there are also different types of heat pumps available, including air source, geothermal, and hybrid models. Each type of heat pump has its own unique makeup and operating system, requiring specialized knowledge to service. Air source heat pumps, for example, are the most common type of heat pump used in residential settings. These systems operate by extracting heat from the outdoor air and transferring it into the home. They can also work in reverse, removing heat from the indoor air and transferring it outside in the cooling mode. Geothermal heat pumps, on the other hand, use the ground or water as a heat source or heat sink. These systems can be more expensive to install, but they are highly efficient and can save homeowners money on their energy bills over time. Regardless of the type of heat pump system you have, regular maintenance and prompt repair services are crucial to keeping your HVAC system running smoothly. A professional heat pump repair service can diagnose and repair any issues with your system, from a faulty reversing valve to a clogged air filter.
In addition to repair services, heat pump installation is another area where expert knowledge is necessary.

Improperly sized units or poorly installed outdoor units can lead to inefficient heating or cooling and higher energy bills. Overall, heat pumps are an energy-efficient alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems, but they do require specialized knowledge and service. Trusting your HVAC system to a qualified heat pump service provider like Zap Cooling & Heating can help ensure that your system operates efficiently and effectively year-round. Efficiency is a key benefit of heat pumps. They are designed to move heat from one area to another rather than generating heat, making them more energy-efficient than traditional heating systems.
This means they can save homeowners money on their energy bills while reducing their carbon footprint. Heat pumps also offer versatility in their operation. In heating mode, a heat pump system can efficiently warm your home during the winter months. In cooling mode, it can provide cool air during the summer, functioning like an air conditioner. This makes them a great choice for homeowners who want one system to provide both heating and cooling.

However, heat pump systems are not without their challenges. In colder climates, the efficiency of air source heat pumps can be reduced, as they have to work harder to extract heat from the outdoor air. In these situations, geothermal heat pumps may be a better choice. They are less affected by outdoor temperatures and can operate more efficiently in colder climates. Proper maintenance is important for any heat pump system, regardless of its type. Regular maintenance can help prevent breakdowns, extend the life of the system, and keep it operating efficiently. 

This includes cleaning the air filter, inspecting the outdoor unit, and checking the refrigerant levels. In conclusion, heat pumps are an energy-efficient and versatile choice for heating and cooling homes. They require specialized knowledge and service, and regular maintenance is important to keep them running efficiently. Trusting your HVAC system to a qualified heat pump service provider like Zap Cooling & Heating can help ensure that your system operates smoothly and efficiently for years to come.
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Heat Pump Repair FAQ
  • Question: Can a heat pump replace a boiler?
  • Answer: Short answer is "it depends." There's no way a typical residential heat pump is going to match the heat output of an industrial boiler, but for day-to-day use in warmer climates, heat pumps are vastly more efficient for heating than a boiler.
  • Question: Can heat pumps be repaired?
  • Answer: Of course! This page is entirely dedicated to heat pump repair. Heat pump will eventually lose their efficiency over time, and after 10 years, it may be worth it for you to have a new heat pump installed to gain better efficiency and new warranties, but we repair heat pumps all the time!
  • Question: Can heat pumps replace an air conditioner?
  • Answer: Effectively, yes! And they're more efficient at cooling than air conditioners in most climates. In the south, they're largely more efficient at heating than furnaces as well, but for super cold days, it's a good idea to have a furnace on hand.

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