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Furnace Repairs in

, Georgia

ZAP Cooling & Heating is Proud to Provide Furnace Repairs in

, Georgia

In the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Cleveland is no stranger to the cold. Temperatures in town can dip below freezing on many nights in December and January. It is essential to have a dependable furnace repair service on hand in case your furnace stops heating the air in your home on a frigid night.
Zap Cooling & Heating has been bringing furnace repairs to White County, GA for nearly 20 years. Our HVAC technicians are experts in performing repairs on a variety of air conditioning and heating systems. The most common furnace problems stem from a system’s gas valve, circuit board, blower motor, and limit switch. We are more than capable of diagnosing these problems and delivering fast and effective solutions.
If you are ever unsure if your system is prepared for an incoming cold front, our service technicians can provide you with thorough system inspections and tune-ups. For more information on furnace maintenance or furnace repair costs, call us today!
If you're looking to upgrade your home and make it more efficient, Zap Cooling & Heating can help! We specialize in the installation of high-efficiency cool air systems, from single-unit installations to full HVAC systems. Our knowledgeable technicians will take into account your budget, preferences, and needs when recommending the best type of air conditioner for your home.
We understand that energy efficiency is important when purchasing a new AC unit – that’s why we offer a variety of models with different SEER ratings depending on the type of system you need to be installed. Our team can also help you select window air conditioners, central air conditioning units, split systems, or other types of air conditioning units. Our technicians will make sure that your new air conditioner installation is done correctly and efficiently.
We take pride in our work and are committed to providing the highest quality of workmanship for each job we do. Our commitment to our customers is why so many people trust us when it comes to AC installations near them. So don't hesitate to reach out if you need AC installation services – our team will be more than happy to assist! Contact us today and let's get started on your home improvement project. We'll make sure you get an energy-efficient and cost-effective air conditioner installed in your home, so you can start enjoying cool air all summer long!
We understand that installation costs are a factor when deciding on which AC system is right for you. That’s why we offer competitive prices on our AC installations – so you know exactly what to expect before any work begins. Plus, with Zap Cooling & Heating, you can rest assured knowing that safety standards will be met during every install. We also specialize in the replacement of existing outdoor condensing units and evaporator coils.
At Zap Cooling & Heating, we know your comfort is our priority. That’s why we strive to provide superior customer service and support for every AC installation job we do. We pride ourselves on being able to answer any questions you may have about the process, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help deciding which model or type of air conditioner is best for your home. Our team has years of experience in the industry and will work with you to ensure that all your cooling needs are taken care of.
You can trust Zap Cooling & Heating for all your air conditioning requirements. Whether it's a new AC unit installation, replacement of existing systems, or maintenance and repairs, our team of experts will provide the best quality services at competitive rates. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you find the perfect air conditioning solution for your home!

At Zap Cooling & Heating, we are dedicated to helping you stay comfortable year-round. Our team offers a wide range of services, including heating and cooling installations and repairs, so you can be sure your home will be kept at the perfect temperature in any season. With our experienced technicians and high-quality products, you can trust us to deliver superior results for all your HVAC needs. Call us today for more information about our services and let's get started on improving the comfort of your home!
We understand that maintaining a comfortable environment in your home is important – whether it's during the summer heat or cold winter days. That's why we are committed to providing your home or business the best air conditioning services. Our team of experienced technicians will ensure that your AC system is installed correctly and efficiently – so you can enjoy clean, comfortable air all year round. Reach out to us today and let's get started on making sure your home stays cool this summer!
At Zap Cooling & Heating, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are committed to providing quality service for each and every one of our customers. Our technicians take the time to explain the steps involved in AC system installation and repairs, so you can be sure that you are getting the best results. Plus, we offer competitive pricing on all our services – so you don't have to worry about breaking the bank when it comes to keeping your home comfortable. Contact us today and let's make sure your air conditioning needs are taken care of!
So don't wait any longer – get in touch with Zap Cooling & Heating today for all your air conditioning needs! Our team of experienced technicians can help you find the best solution for your home and provide high-quality services at competitive prices. We look forward to hearing from you!

Soldier Statue in Gainesville, GA | AC Install | ZAP Cooling and Heating
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Fastest way to get service
Scheduling an HVAC repair or diagnostic has never been easier with our simplified online scheduler.


Whether you're repairing or replacing your HVAC system, ZAP has the expertise to help you make a knowledgeable decisions that work for your home or business, your family, and your budget. Call our home comfort  specialists today or click to learn more about our HVAC Repair and Installation services today!
AC Repair
While we typically install Bryant equipment, we're by no means limited to repairing Bryant equipment. Our HVAC technicians will quickly diagnose your air conditioner's issues and provide options to help you make the best decision.
AC Installation
Our goal with any Air Conditioning Installation is to expertly install the best system for your space, and to leave no evidence that we were there. During our installation process, we make sure your home's floors are protected, and our dust is gone at the end of the process.
Furnace Repair
We're in the South, which means most of our focus is on air conditioning, and it is for this reason that last-minute emergency repairs on our heating system can happen. ZAP's heating technicians will get your home warm again, and fast!
Furnace Installation
We understand its typically hot here in Georgia. If we're installing a natural gas furnace or simply running a single heat pump for both heating and cooling, we'll help you find the best HVAC system for you. ZAP has the expertise to help you make a knowledgeable decisions.
furnace install

Service that saves on costly breakdowns

The holidays are coming up. Family is coming over. The temperature is dropping and your furnace hasn't been tested for months. The best way to avoid a freezing house (and a costly emergency repair) is to have your HVAC system regularly checked, cleaned, and maintenance at least twice a year. 
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Soldier Statue in Gainesville, GA | AC Install | ZAP Cooling and Heating
Soldier Statue in Gainesville, GA | AC Install | ZAP Cooling and Heating
Cabbage Patch's Baby Land in Cleveland, GA | Furnace Repair | ZAP Cooling and Heating
Cabbage Patch's Baby Land in Cleveland, GA | Furnace Repair | ZAP Cooling and Heating
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Truett McConnell University in Cleveland, GA | Furnace Repair | ZAP Cooling and Heating
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